Avedro's KXL system is a highly advanced UVA device for performing accelerated corneal collagen cross-linking

After the refractive correction has been made in a standard Lasik procedure, Avedro's proprietary riboflavin formulation is simply applied to the exposed stroma and the flap is closed. UVA illumination from Avedro's KXL System is then applied through the intact epithelium. Strengthening of the remaining cornea is achieved as well as enhanced adherence between the flap and stromal bed. Lasik Xtra poses no material interruption to the normal speed and flow of the lasik procedure, does not increase patient discomfort, and has been shown to have no adverse effect on the refractive outcome of the Lasik procedure.

Lasik Xtra's five-minute corneal strengthening is applicable to all current Lasik patients, as well as post-Lasik patients who are suffering from corneal ectasia or who are interested in restoring the strength to their cornea.




Lasik Xtra

Strengthening the cornea in only 3 minutes. Cross-linking during a Lasik procedure ensures the biomechanical integrity of the cornea.

Minimum Treatment Time

Avedro's KXL System can deliver unprecedented power of up to 45 mW/cm2. The higher power
available with the KXL System reduces procedure times to just a few minutes, which:
Increases patient safety.
Increases patient comfort.
Improves practice efficiency.

Beam Homogeneity

The KXL system delivers a homogeneous beam profile across the beam's diameter. This ensures collagen cross-linking throughout the cornea surface and deeper than other UVA light sources.

Autonomy & Stability

The KXL system incorporates a mechanical arm for effortless and stable beam positioning, and a rechargeable battery for cordless operation.


Touch Screen Monitor for Procedure
Programming and Device Operation

Precise Control

Wireless joystick control for fine beam alignment and focusing on the cornea.



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Avedro Inc. is a privately-held, early stage ophthalmic medical device and pharmaceutical company developing therapies for the treatment of refractive disorders. These therapies are based on the use of thermo-biomechanics for therapeutic medical applications and accelerated cross-linking.

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